The Luxe Developers aims to bring a sense of individualism to every project and builds structures that turn into the landmarks of tomorrow. We believe that extraordinary quality and luxury craftsmanship elevate every living moment.





A Drive to Break Barriers, A Drive to Set Standards, A Drive to Craft the Impossible and Unimaginable. Where others need to see it before they believe it is possible, we only need to see it in our minds to know it is possible.

The Luxe Developers embodies craftsmanship and opulence that is discernible through all five senses. From atomic attention to detail and sourcing the finest materials, to seeking out the world’s most skilled artisans and handpicking the best-in-class architects and designers, our vision is to deliver spaces that elevate the human experience.

Revolutionizing Opulence

Synonymous with the best in craftsmanship and elevating understated luxury, The Luxe Developers sit at the forefront of design and innovation. Constantly innovating and never duplicating, we define, imagine, and forge our own path.

Shubam Aggarwal


Possibilities are endless if you have the courage and fortitude to bring to life your visions. From a start as an employee to setting up his own legacy within the IT and Enterprise software industry, Shubam always believed in breaking barriers and going beyond the conventional. Learning from his early successes Shubam knew the value of creating curated experiences for key clients and investors that led to building trust and long-lasting relationships. From his humble beginnings to his fascination with architecture and the finer details, the zeal to create The Luxe Developers was born and led him to the path of crafting spaces without limitations.

Siddharta Banerji

Managing Director

When one has a keen interest in technology and mathematics, simplifying complexity becomes a way of life. From being the first entrepreneur in his family to carving out a formidable position within the IT and Enterprise software industry. Siddharta has focused on building deep technical knowledge, and razor-sharp attention to detail. The resulting success taught Siddharta the merit of an innovative approach, a forward-thinking mindset, and the value of developing creative solutions to complex challenges, leading him to be a much sought-after authority. Siddharta co-founded The Luxe Developers to use his passion and technical expertise to bring to life spaces that had never before been imagined or thought possible.


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